e:thos Slip Resistant Resin Square and Rectangular Shower Trays


  •  Slip Resistant
  • Manufactured using polyurethane resin with volcanic
  • ash 40mm low profile height
  • Optional ‘easy plumb’ leg fixing kit
  • 35 size options
  • Lightweight – Up to 50% lighter than stone resin trays
  • 90mm fast flash shower waste
  • Easy clean surface
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • UK manufactured


Additional information

Additional information


760x760x40, 800x800x40, 900x900x40, 1000x700x40, 1000x760x40, 1000x800x40, 1000x900x40, 1100x700x40, 1100x760x40, 1100x800x40, 1100x900x40, 1200x700x40, 1200x760x40, 1200x800x40, 1200x900x40, 1300x800x40, 1400x700x40, 1400x760x40, 1400x800x40, 1400x900x40, 1500x700x40, 1500x760x40, 1500x800x40, 1500x900x40, 1600x700x40, 1600x760x40, 1600x800x40, 1600x900x40, 1700×700, 1700x700x40, 1700x760x40, 1700x800x40, 1700x900x40, 1800x800x40, 1800x900x40, 760 to 1200, 1300 to 1800